Frequently Asked Questions About Beauty Courses

Taking beauty courses can be a good option for anyone, as hairstyling and other such services are always in demand, and this type of career can be very lucrative, depending on the salon you work at and the services you offer. If you've been thinking about taking beauty courses, note a few questions you might have about these classes and what they include, and this can help you decide the best career option for yourself.

Can you take the classes online?

Most beauty courses do offer some online training, but the majority of your time for such a course is usually spent in a classroom. This is because the services you will offer a client can only be learned through hands-on training, and instructors need to evaluate your skills and expertise as you progress. In some areas, there may even be legal requirements as to how many hours of classroom training you must have before you can get a license. Be sure you understand this requirement and check on the hours of classroom training you'll need, versus online learning, when choosing a beauty school and coursework.

Do all beauty courses include manicures, skincare, and other such services?

Some schools that only train in hairstyling may actually use the terms 'beauty courses', 'salon services', 'spa services' and so on, when advertising their classes. These terms are not technical definitions of what training they offer, and they can be used by any beauty school, so it's good to check the details of what each class entails, rather than assuming that each course will train you in a wide range of salon services and techniques.

What are refresher courses?

New techniques and products are always being developed when it comes to hairstyling, skincare, nail care and the like. Refresher courses are for those who have already learned the basics of beauty treatments, and can train you on these new techniques and even introduce new products that your customers might prefer but which you're not currently using. As an example, a refresher course might explain what is meant by vegan products for hair and skin.

It can be good to look for a beauty school that offers refresher courses as part of your costs for initial training, so you can take these courses as they become available. You might also opt for refresher courses if you have a license already but would like to expand the list of services you offer or ensure you're keeping up with the demands of your clientele when it comes to products they'll want to purchase. Contact schools like Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College for more information.